Go Back to School

Hello, everybody! Long time no see! 😀


It seems like forever since I last updated my news here. First of all, I resigned from last work almost six months ago. I finished my duty as military service, and I went back to school from this Fall semester to finish my bachelor’s degree. It’s been a really long time because I was on break from school for seven whole years. This is so challenging. I have to attend school for two more years, jeez. I already miss my friends that I was working with.

I haven’t decided yet, now I am thinking of the job as an indie game developer or just application developer. I know it’s not easy; taking classes with working at same time. The point is that I will keep creating programming work to maximize my development skills. To my great joy, there are a lot of great students in my school, KAIST. It is one of the great school in Korea, and I am so looking forward to working with them when I get a chance soon.

To sum up, eight years ago I operated my own company MindPol for more than three years, I was one of founder mentors from SW Maestro in 2010, I worked for NXC, which is a holding company of Nexon, as a team manager from app. development center for one and a half years, I also worked for ESTsoft as a mobile game developer for three years, and now I’m back to my school finally! It’s been a long road, and I believe I will just keep going as long as I can.

So, keep in touch with my website and I hope you enjoy the end of this year! 🙂

(KAIST Campus, Photograph by ROHS, Posted at Ara 2015/12/16)